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Wiener Prater
Prater 9, Vienna, Vienna 1020 Austria
+43 728-05-16
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Auto BergBahn
Der Zug des Manitu
Dizzy Mouse
Insider (need photos)
Olympia Looping (need photos)
Race (need photos)
Super 8er Bahn
Wilde Maus

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September 2012 by simon8899
July 8th, 2010 by larrygator (Fun Houses/Dark Rides)
July 8th, 2010 by larrygator (Flat Rides)
July 8th, 2010 by larrygator (Coasters)
September 22nd, 2006 by J.R.
August, 2006 by Dhukka
May 27th, 2006 by ing king
Summer 2005 by viking86

This is one park where you are sorely missing out on the experience if you just ride the coasters. Outside of the temporarily located Olympia Looping, none of them are particularly exciting. Hochschaubahn is a sixty year old side friction woodie and the Boomerang has unique tiered seating and superior restraints to other versions making the ride quite fun.

What you are missing if you only ride the coasters is the largest collection of ghost trains, fun houses and walk-throughs in one place. As of 2010 there were four Fun Houses, three Ghost Trains, three walk through haunted attractions, three Mirror Mazes/Glass Houses, three Fairy Tale/Cartoon themed Dark Rides a Shooting Dark Ride and one Miscellaneous indoor ride/laser show.

However, since the rides are run by independent operators they bring in intense flat rides (Turbo Booster, Tornado, Octopus and Extasy) and run other flats at extreme settings (Tagada, Rotor, Breakdance, Discovery). This also causes the operators to swap out rides if riders aren't paying for them.

Of course you also can't miss seeing Parter Turm, the world tallest star flyer at 383 feet, or Riesenrad a spectacular looking ferris wheel.
Wiener Prater is set up like a permanent fair and there are dozens of vendors (sit down service and stands) with many serving authentic Viennese style Schnitzel (veal, chicken and pork cutlets) made to order, nothing pre-made. If local cuisine is not to your liking you can also find hot dogs, bratwurst, burgers and pizza. Most restaurants have menus with pictures.
Operating Season
The amusement rides are open from March 15th - October 31st. However, since the rides are owned and run by independent operators not all are open from 10:00AM to 1:00AM. They will open when the operator gets there and close whenever the operators need a break.
Access & Location
The amusements are located in a large public park within Vienna and can easily be accessed that is free for all. The park is easily accessed by taking the U Bahn, Vienna's subway system, to Wien Praterstern station and then a 5-10 minute walk from the station.
Nearby Lodging
There is no need to stay immediately near the park and there aren't many options within walking distance of Wiener Prater outside of the Austria Trend Hotel Messe and Suite Novotel.

The U Bahn system is so efficient in Vienna there are many options within Vienna that put you within 30 minutes of the park.
Here are some suggestions from the park website.
Virtual Queue Options
None Available
There are on-site theaters whose offerings change each season. Many concerts are also held in theaters, but all shows are an upcharge.
Park Maps
2010 Park Map

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