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Box 5053, 402 22 GÖTEBORG, Sweden
+46 31 400 100
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Liseberg has a strong one-two coaster combination with Balder and Helix. Balder (Intamin) is consistently one of the top-ranked wooden coasters. It provides a smooth ride with abundant air time. Helix is a reliable coaster from Mack that, tightly hugs the park's hilly terrain along with Lisebergbanan, one of the longest Schwarzkopf installations. They both interact with the log flume, which will get you wet. Addition coaster variety comes with the addition of Valkyria

Liseberg combines some old-school flats with a modern lineup of thrilling flats. One attraction that should not be missed is Hotel Gasten. The upcharge haunted attraction with live scare actors is one of the world's best.

Another thing that makes Liseberg stand out is their games of chance. They are extremely inventive and unique. You may need to shot bees with a cork gun, throw carrots into a bucket to feed a horse, lob fish into a barrel, or toss eggs into a box.
Max's burgers has two locations, in addition to other quick serve options. The park also has many table-service restaurants with food ranging from pizza, Tex-Mex, and traditional local fare to wonderfully fresh seafood.
Operating Season
The park is open from late April to early October with full weekday operations from late May to late August.

Christmas at Liseberg is a completely different park experience during December.
Established Seasonal events
Halloween is celebrated over three weekends in late October - early November Christmas at Liseberg runs from mid-November to Christmas with limited rides but plenty of lights and festivities.
Nearby Lodging
Liseberg owns four properties near the park: Hotell Liseberg Heden (a four-star hotel), Lisebergsbyn Karralund (casual hotels, cabins, and a youth hostel), Lisebergs Camping, or Hotell Liseberg Barken Viking (a hotel on a boat).

Another option within walking distance from the park is Hotel Lorensberg Gothenburg.
Virtual Queue Options
Express Pass is offered to save you time waiting in line.
Lilla Scenen is located in the children's area, and the park's mascots (Liseberg Rabbits) entertain children with song and dance. The closest thing to a regularly scheduled show at the park is Evert Taube's World, highlighting the life of Sweden's national poet.

When Sweden's top performers entertain at the park, there is no charge for park guests.
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