Mt. Olympus Theme Park (Big Chief's Karts & Coasters)
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Official Web Site:

You know you're in Wisconsin when the McDonalds has the recent hunt killing on the wall!

At least they are well fed!

We made a quick stop at Riverview to get our Galaxi credit!

Riverview was a small little park with a number of flat rides and a couple of small coasters.

Yay!  Our first credit in Wisconsin!

There it is!  The Galaxi in all it's glory!

This one took some extra effort as we paddled around the turns!

OMG!  How will we ever survive?!?!

Here we are at Big Chief's for some kart and coaster fun!

Almost everything here is built on top of each other!

The rules and customer service at this park

Despite the odd management attitude, the coasters and karts were top notch!

Cyclops was one of the biggest surprises of the trip!

This drop produces the most airtime of almost any coaster!

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