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Phantom's Revenge Media Day|

To download Robb's Phantom's Revenge movie, click HERE.
(Note: This movie is a 14mb MPG file, it's not a streaming video, so you might want to right
click and choose "save target as" to download the movie.  Use Windows media player to view it.)

Kennywood opened their 103rd season with the Phantom's Revenge, a Morgan/Arrow
hybrid hypercoaster.

This turnaround is the first element of the new Phantom. 

"Here we are on the Phantom's Revenge"

One of the remaining elements of the old Phantom as the train dives through the Thunderbolt.  There is now
nice floating airtime as the ride hits the new top speed of 85 MPH.

On the return trip home, Phantom's Revenge gets VERY close to the ground.

From the lift hill, you can see where the new Phantom cuts back under the
Thunderbolt and around the Turtle.

There is plenty of airtime, even at the final brake run!

Elissa demonstrates the lap bar design for the Phantom's Revenge trains.

Here is one of the rides many bunny hops which helps create the 7 moments of airtime we experienced!

More airtime-filled bunny hops!

The Phantom dives right by the station.

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