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Universal's Islands Of Adventure
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Photos and captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White

It was nice to get back to IOA, even if it was for a quick visit!

We didn't get to ride Hulk much in July since it was closed, but we got in a front and back seat ride today!

We're not actually sure if it was sweat or puss from his new tongue ring.

King Alvey was right at home here in Toon Lagoon!

Ahh, the trusted DDR machine, don't leave home without one!

Robb and Elissa do their pre-mythos work out so they can pig out later in the day.

2 seconds later and this picture wouldn't have been possible; there was no balsamic chicken to be found!

Elissa thinks to herself: Mmmm Fresh Mozzarella, DDR, IOA, all I need is an Intamin ride!

Fresh Mozzarella Cam! 
(this picture wouldnt' have been possible 2 seconds later, because, well you get the idea!)  =)

Apparently Robb's DDR to Balsamic Chicken Ratio was a little off.

Luckily there were no Californians on the teacups today, so we were aneurysm free!

What the hell is Derek escaping from?

Ahh, the can just see the shock in his eyes, 
well anything would be shocked if they had that view of Derek!

Today was the final test of 'rapids cam', Robb's water proof camera rig!

Much to the shock on Robb's face when the waterfall
 hit him and the camera, the camera did in fact remain dry!

Which certainly couldn't be said for the rest of us!

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