Busch Gardens Tampa
Tampa, FL
Official Website: http://www.buschgardens.com/buschgardens/fla/

The four of us arrive at Busch Gardens for what we're sure will be a great day.

Busch Gardens newest roller coasters Gwazi Lion and Tiger...Two Credits!

Elissa and Bethany get their first coaster ride of the day on Lion.

One of Lions airtime hills. The ride gets better and better later into the day.

Dallas wishes he was tall enough to ride. Elissa wishes Dallas would hold on to her!

A great view of the twisted, tangled layout of Gwazi!

Here, Robb demonstrates that Gwazi Tiger is indeed one credit.

Elissa reminds everyone that Lion + Tiger = TWO CREDITS!!!!

An onride view of the first 55 mph fly by!

Elissa on one credit of Gwazi.

Waiting on the brake track of Tiger, Robb's eyes can't stand it anymore and attempt to jump out of the sockets.

Dallas gets around the huge park the easy way!

Dallas checks out the Alligators while Bethany ponders "Hmm...Since I'm California biased, am I allowed to count Gwazi as two?"

It appears that Lion's tree has had enough of the one or two credit debate and starts to devour Robb.

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