Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool, England
Official Web Site:

Rollercoaster's unique due to the lack of any restraints on the ride.

The only rule was that you had to be sitting in the seat...but they don't seem to care which direction you face!

Rollercoaster whizzes by one the park's many restaurants.

This time around, we'll take the 'laid back' approach.

The seats come out to convert it into a 'floorless'.

Looks like Elissa has been at one too many ACE buffets!

DDR, or "Dancing Stage" as it's called in Europe, is all over the UK.

The Blackpool Steeplechase is the last of it's kind. 

Steeplechase races the Big One (and easily wins!)

Hey, at least this one didn't get replaced by Windjammer!  =)

There are bushes and gates for the horses to 'jump' throughout the whole course.


Little do they know that in England, "Tunnel of Love" actually means everyone "Boat ride of total random stuff"

See...what did I tell you about those 99's?

Noah's Ark is right at the entrance to the Pleasure Beach!

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