Theme Park Review's East Coast Trip!
Photo Updates From Our Tour!


Below are the photo updates from TPR's East Coast Trip:
Sesame Place
Coney Island

Six Flags New England


Lake Compounce
Rye Playland
Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags America

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Kings Dominion


Clementon Park


Dorney Park

Be sure to check out these Photo Trip Reports from our tour:
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Eric and Candace's East Coast Trip Photo TR

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jedimaster's TPR Behemoth/East Coast Trip

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East Coast Tour - The C-Jay Perspective

Ben's Behemoth/East Coast Tour Photo TR

We would like to send a special thanks to the following people on the trip for contributing photos:
Hanno "TPR Un-official Photographer" Roos, Dan "An Unacceptable Amount of Wetness" Angona, John "Camera of Doom" Vasquez, 
Adam, Alan, Andy, Matt B., Bas, Ben, Bethany, Brad, Brandon, Candice, Chris A., Chris M., Cora, Darren, Dave, 
Eli, Erik, The Fudges, Gary, GJ, Jake, Jason, Jes, John M., Josh, Kerry B., Kim, Peter, Oliver, Sam, Scott
Matt T, & Tyler - THANK YOU!!!

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