Castles N Coasters
Phoenix, AZ

Robb & Elissa decided to make the six hour trek to Phoenix, mostly for Carrabba's,
but this was an added bonus!  =)

Like the other O.D. Hopkins coasters at
Wonderland, this one also had funky inversions.

The first of many "Ghetto" things about this park was their funky 'swipe your card'
ticket system!  (And yes, this is an "RC Cola" park...another sign of "ghetto park!")

We board the "Desert Storm" and hope for the best!
(Note...this was just after the park was closed for 30 minutes...due to a "desert storm!"  =)

It looks really wicked and messed up!

Ow!  Although the ride was mostly fun, this inversion had us bracing for dear life!
(Just look at Elissa hanging on to the side!!!)

There were elephants as part of the theming on the log flume....

...and also as part of the theming for the coaster!  =)

Did we mention the clientele of this park was kind of "ghetto?"  =)

While this ghetto ride op wasn't as cool as the
Vekoma Engineer smoking in Batwing's station,
this guy gets the prize for smoking on the kiddie coaster!

You need someone to translate the ride rules from "Ghetto" for you!

Patriot was pretty cool!  The track layout was similar to a Vekoma Roller Skater.

On the lift hill, you'll meet famous figures from American History....
such as Rambo, the Governator, and two guys in party hats!!!

"Would you like a smoking or non-smoking row?"

Here is one of the billboards just outside the park....
It doesn't get any more ghetto than this!  =)

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