Castle Park
Riverside, CA
Official Website:

Castle Park has a great selection of rides, games, and mini-golf for the whole family!

Robb and Dallas go "Wheeeee" on the Scrambler.

The new Double Shot is a great, thrilling addition to this park.

Gotta love those new S&S restraints!

Robb and Bethany look forward to their ride on the Cyclone Racer...they have no idea what's in store for them!

Robb and Bethany try to survive as the ride speeds up...

Uh Oh! Bethany looks like she's going to blow!

Now Robb's got that "I'm about to have a Californian Aneurysm" look to him!

Merlin's Revenge is Castle Park's new Roller Coaster!

Dallas's cool yellow hood blends in nicely with the new Roller Skater train.

The weather might look miserable out, but we were having a great time!

Elissa and Beth, silly as always, on Merlin's Revenge!

Try to avoid looking at Robb and you'll notice the new Double Shot in the background!

Elissa and Dallas get ready for their front seat ride on the coaster.

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