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Six Flags Marine World
Vallejo, CA
Official Web Site:

All photos and captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White

We finally made it to Six Flags Marine World!

From the heartline spin you can see the twisted layout of Medusa!

"This B&M is ok, but when can we go roll back on that awesome Vekoma machine behind me?"

Truck parking to the left, Medusa parking to the right!

Heartline spins on B&M sit down coasters are always fun!

Once again, Elissa kidnaps children to increase her coaster count!

(chanting) "Roll Back!  Roll Back! Roll Back!"

"Here we are on Roar!"

Roar has a pretty twisted layout, and you can see how close V2 was built to this ride.

All the really cool California coasters have a shed!

Robb says "Ahh, this is more like it!"

Without trying to be too graphic or disgusting here, this is a photo of my very first bee sting.
Needless to say, I am very proud of it!  No laughing, please!

"I am a Hammerhead Shark...I make no sound!"

"My wide head helps me see, swim, and spin upside down REALLY well!"

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