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Moving Back to California Pics!

Pictures and Captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White

X's first drop will have you totally baffled as to which way is up or down!

Ric and Justin are happy to have those "X" crotch protectors!

From here you can see all the awesome rides Magic Mountain has to offer....
Sky Tower, Superman, and Flashback! =)

Elissa says: "I regret to inform you that X is actually a decent ride!"

Here is the only part of the ride that allows you to catch your breath!

This part of the ride is a lot of fun, but certainly isn't "B&M Smooth!"  

Boy that support looks really close!

This is easily the most disorienting first drop of any coaster!

X's "trench run!"  "Stay On Target!"

It's head over heels time once again!

We thought we'd have a chance to ride the Thrill Shot at Magic Mountain.....

But the weather just didn't work in our favor.  =(

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