Busch Gardens Tampa Photo Gallery
3000 Busch Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 987-5082

Montu is one of the star attractions of Busch Gardens Tampa. It's one of the longest
and tallest inverted coasters in the world. Before the ride is over, it will take riders
upside down a total of 7 times!

This diving loop was first used on an inverted coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa.

As the train exits the station, riders feet dangle over a live crocodile pit!

Montu's tall lift hill greets visitors and they enter the parking lot.

This 'batwing' element is one of the most intense inversions on any coaster!

Riders on this log flume are about to get wet!

Kumba is a multi-element steel coaster which takes riders upside down 7 times.
It's top notch and one of the best of it's kind!

Here you can see the twisted layout of Kumba.

The Python is a classic 'corkscrew' roller coaster.

The Scorpion is a VERY intense single looping coaster with some very tight turns!

The sign on this ride says "You May Get Wet!"

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