Theme Park Review's
Christmas Party 2006!

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Knott's Berry Farm - Disney's California Adventure!

Onto the party at the Alvey's place!

Elissa sets up stocking and the Wii!  What could be better?

FOOD!!!!  Multiple plates of Papalino's for Dan!

The "kids" table.....

This is NOT going to end up good!

"Hey girls, look at me!  Perhaps if I pretend to play pool I can win the bet!"

Mmmmm....Wonka candy!  It's like having sex in a bowl!

And now the real excitement begins...."The Gift Exchange!!!"

"Ooooh....I've always wanted a GIANT CALCULATOR!"

This little guy whored his way around the room! (The frog, not Jeff)

YAY!!!! I got the food basket!!!

HAHA! SCREW YOU! I'm STEALING the food basket!!!

"Awwww.....Worst day of my life....."

Even the game knows Ryan didn't win the bet!

"Hey!  I got a wheel!  I hope some bastard doesn't come and steal this from me!"  =)

Hey!!!  I think I'll go for this very pretty purple bag!

Great....phallic produce......Thanks Joe!  I hate you! 
P.S. If you want to tell Dan how much you love his produce....

"This is the best gift ever!!!"


"Hey baby....check me out with my K-Fed CD!"

Time to settle into the TPR theater for some Dippin' Dots and porn!

Some of us played shuffleboard....

...others played with Elissa's Wii.

TPR XMAS party was awesome! Thanks to everyone who make the trek out!

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Thanks to Spookbaby for the extra photos!

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