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Robb & Elissa Alvey's Wedding Photos!
November 22nd, 2003 - Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion & Boardwalk Resort

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Ahh...thank goodness that area under refurbishment was done during our trip!

It was nice to be able to ride Big Thunder Mountain again!

Robb & Elissa take a 'honeymoon coaster ride!"

Check out all that awesome theming.

This is the second stupidest face Robb has ever made!

Ahh!  More coasters that are actually open!

The lifthill is very reminiscent of Matterhorn.

This is the second stupidest face Elissa has ever made!  =)

No matter where there are cameras, these guys will always ham it up!

Thanks to Marlon, Todd, David, and Derek, we had a "Wishes Boat Cruise" booked for us!

And as an extra added bonus our driver took us right up to the water pageant show!

Polly will be thrilled to see these photos!  =)

Back to Wishes, which is the awesome new fireworks show!

At Downtown Disney, we had a very typical meal for Thanksgiving Dinner!

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