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Robb & Elissa Alvey's Wedding Photos!
November 22nd, 2003 - Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion & Boardwalk Resort

The Wedding Event Photos:
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Fun at the parks!
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Oh, yay!  It's time for Vekoma rides!!!

At least this Vekoma ride doesn't hurt too much.

Joe and Josh prepare for launch.

Um...Brent is...well...licking the G-spot of the G-force!

Joey has had way too much action this week!

"Yo, man...this isn't Van Nuys."

Derek keeps on dancing all day long!

Tommy is strangely turned on by Drew Carrey!

Joey lets Dan take some of the action.

Josh gives Brent the "ultimate slap!"

Oh, look...it's Robb being annoying...as usual! 

Catastrophe Canyon doesn't seem very catastrophic anymore...

We bit our farewell to Disney/MGM Studios!

See what happens when 21 crazy people take over Tower Of Terror!

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