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West Coast Bash 2008!
Hosted by RideWorld and Theme Park Review!

Presentations are over and we're hungry!

Hey!  Look who's working Johnny Rockets!  Did Six Flags figure out how to clone people?  =)

Night time sets and before we go ride *ALL* the coasters during ERT, let's go check out the Sky Tower.

Party in the Sky Tower elevator!

Short version of the story - This is Brandon Bruce.  A Sr. Area Supervisor who pitched Six Flags on the idea of re-branding the Sky Tower as
the "Magic of the Mountain Museum" and filling it with memorabilia from the parks 30+ years of history. 
It's a *GREAT* idea!  Many park employees have donated artifacts to the museum which are now being put on display for everyone to see.
Tonight, the park previewed the museum for the first time to attendees of West Coast Bash.

It was so awesome looking at some of this stuff.  Here there were park maps from the early 1970s to look at.

Some shirts that promoted the construction of the park.

Giant wall maps from years past and concept art for ride designs have been preserved in the museum.

Here is a model from Ninja.

More concept art and on the plasma screens run old school TV commercials and park construction footage.

Display cabinets tickets, maps, patches, photos, all kinds of cool stuff.

Signs from existing rides, past rides, old ride op uniforms...

And even a roller coaster car with a photo op from Mr. Six!

More concept art, control panels, etc...if you are at all into the history of parks, roller coasters, or Magic Mountain,
you will want to see this display!

And yes, the taco wearing a sombrero is also here!

Although let's just hope when you visit Jahan is NOT doing is evil scientist impression!

And don't forget you can take some amazing photos from the top of Sky Tower!

You ready for night time ERT?  *EVERY* operating coaster is open for West Coast Bash!

320 people spread out between 13 different rides means we have the park to ourselves!

Rob Coker from Thrill Ride and Chris Godsey from Rideworld take a solo trip on Ninja...HI YA!

"They opened the park just for us!!!"

Ahh, this is where everyone is at!

They even open Canyon Blaster for the real credit whores.

And that is us!

We'll end our night with a few rides on Tatsu.  How's it going guys?

"If it wasn't for this little guy, I wouldn't be so emo."

Thank you for being a great tour guide Jameson!  And watch out for that fire alarm behind you.

Another West Coast Bash is over.  =(  What will be done next year to top this event? 

If you would like to make comments about this update, or say *thank you* to the Six Flags management, please post your
comments in THIS THREAD.  They will read the posts and some of them have already responded.

THANK YOU AGAIN for joining us at West Coast Bash 2008.  See you next year!

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