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West Coast Bash 2008!
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Welcome to the new "Thomas Town."  Brought to you by Dave Thomas, Mike Thomas, and Jay Thomas!

Very soon all this dirt will be replaced by fun stuff for kids.

"Track" = credit for Jeff Johnson?

"Wow!  I've never met a REAL construction marker before!"

"I am Speed King!  I am second to none!!!"

Oh, hey...Goliath Jr. has been turned around!  Be prepared for its 4th coming as "Percy: The Small Engine."

Now that the tours were over (thanks to our awesome tour guides!) We had some time to explore the park.

The new "Diggerland" version of Spin Out was nearing completion.

Sierra Twist is still's just using that new cloaking technology.

The Brents go for a ride on Goliath.

Awww, you guys all match!  Very cute!

Yay!  More girls at these events the better!

Stefanie and her "gang."  (Please come to more events!)

Scream! was open...but wasn't just "Scream!"

It was "Rockin' Scream!"

This week, West Coast Bash. Next week, Red Dawn The Musical.

"I volunteer to play the part of Patrick Swayze."

We had over 300 people show up to West Coast Bash 2008!
(Sorry to the blue group for not being in the photo!)
For a high-res version of this group photo,

Neal Thurman, Director of Operations started off the presentations in the Magic Moments Theater.

"The Dark Knight starts out as the little tiny pill, we plant it in the ground..add water...and Roller Coaster!"

Take your kids here.  The will love it!

How is a ride called "Mega Wedgie" not going to be anything but awesome?

IBU = Individual Business Unit.  It is the core of what is going to help bring Magic Mountain back to greatness!

Tim Burkhart, General Manager talked about all the improvements to the park.  Everything from painting rides, repairing the "lolipop"
freeway sign, fixing up buildings, a new restaurant for Hurricane Harbor, the new 3-Point Shoot Out game, etc, etc.

Jay Thomas, Park President joined the group for the Q&A session.
Then the big night time ERT announcement came - "EVERY SINGLE COASTER" will be open for ERT!  (Well, all of them that are operating!)
*PLUS* The winds died down so Sky Tower's Magic of the Mountain Museum is open as well!
I think this may be a park enthusiast event first!  I can't think of any other event where as many as 13 rides were open for ERT!

Then we had Kevin Rohwer from S&S show us lots of new stuff coming out of Logan, Utah.

The new coaster at Indiana Beach could be interesting.

Then we got to see some old-school Magic Mountain commercials...which a few "extra" captions!  =)

Robb closed the presentation with a BIG THANK YOU to Six Flags Magic Mountain...."NOW GO OUT AND RIDE!!!"

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