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West Coast Bash 2008!
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The cast of "West Coast Bash: Yellow Team!"

Aka "Arrowfanman's private lair"

Joey versus baby....FIGHT!

Yeah, you'll have to put your drink cup in a locker. Deal with it.

Tim Burkhart does the X2 rap.

X. A roller coaster barely alive.....

We can rebuild him....

We can make him better than he was....

Better. Stronger. Smoother?

"Meh, they weren't that important anyway!"

The first completed X2 train is ready to roll!

Oooh....artsy shot!

F-4TH-VEH-588 is the next secret "numbers" code from Lost.  You heard it here first!  =)

Love the cute little zero-car...or is it the 8th car?

Oooooh!  Is that X2 I hear testing!??!

The new colors look AWESOME!

Thar she goes!

Going, going, gone....!

Here they come into the turnaround.


"It's too bad you didn't make that basket because you could be riding right now!"

We are told that there will be 'something' out in the course...but they haven't said exactly what it would be.
Got the feeling from Burkhart's comments that the tunnels may be out.  I guess we will see in a few short months!

Half-Full?  Full-Full?  Felt the same to me!

"Hello honey!  I'm home!"

For all you coaster wheel enthusaists.

"Hey guys, remember me?! Guys? GUYS?!?!!?"

Technical term = "Pickle Fork"

They let us all play around in the transfer track area.

"Hey Jahan...*THIS* is way cooler than The Fit!"

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