Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid
(aka Parque Warner Madrid)
Madrid, Spain
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Our "Quick Visit to Spain, Just For The Hell of it!" Trip 2006

And just what every Six Flags park needs....a BATMAN!!!!

This one though had some AWESOME theming!!!

The story line is that the ride is themed around the "Insane Asylum" where all the bad villains have been put.

I guess one of our Spanish TPR readers must have been a villain because we found him in here!

The loading area was cool, especially seeing that NO ONE was in line!

Your typical Batman train, but this time around only 7 rows!

It didn't matter, because even with 7 rows Batman still kicks ass!

There goes Batman....through the Insane Asylum!

I mean, the ride goes through an INSANE ASYLUM!  What could be cooler?  Other than maybe going through an Abattoir maybe?

Check out our "Batman la Fuga" POV Video!
To download this video either click above or if that doesn't load fast enough, right click the image above and select "save target as..."

You also can get some cool photos of this Batman that you can't get on any others.  Check out this "Signature Shot!"

"Hey Barry, what's up with this?"

Hey Derek!  Check out the 2nd Vertical loop.....in the INSANE ASYLUM!!!!!  Because YOU ARE INSANE!!!!

Oh look...it's a coaster through the trees!

"Is Robb a Cowboy, Indian, Relic, or Curio?"  I vote for neither, or none...well maybe a "relic" perhaps.

The "Rio Bravo" is a Dan Approved water attraction!

Tom kind of looks like a cross between a Smurf and Maggie Simpson at Christmas!

Somewhere under that wall of water is Tom.  Good luck Tom!

"See, we didn't get that wet, Dan!"

"Water guns at theme parks is the best attraction EVER invented!"

It's the best way to take out your aggression on the little kids that line jump you!

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