Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid
(aka Parque Warner Madrid)
Madrid, Spain
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Our "Quick Visit to Spain, Just For The Hell of it!" Trip 2006

OMG!!!!  What is that familiar clanking noise heard from halfway across the park?!?!?!?

I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!  The Spanish Deja Vu!!  IT LIVES!!!!!

We RAN as fast as humanly possible over to the Spanish Deja Vu.

Elissa (singing) "I've got all four Deja Vu credits...got all four Deja Vu credits...don't have to EVER worry about getting another one again!"

It's the Spanish Deja Vu which also kind of looks like "Florida Gator" Deja Vu, but that's not important right now.

Check out our "Spanish Deja Vu" aka "Stunt Fall" POV Video!
To download this video either click above or if that doesn't load fast enough, right click the image above and select "save target as..."

What an awesome sight to see.  We thought it would take the typical Deja Vu "three visits to a park" before getting this one too!

Here they go, up into the boomerang or cobra roll, or whatever you B&M fanboys want to call it!  =)

Look at how awesomely pretty that looks.  Complete with evac platform and everything!

There isn't anything more beautiful than a Deja Vu in the sunlight!

Vertical loops so Spanish that not even Derek is cool enough to have this one.

Elissa (still singing) "I got all four...got all four...don't got no more...cause I got all four!"

Oh, look...the "Pharmacy" is just right outside the Spanish Deja Vu.  Coincidence?  Theming?  I think not!  =)

You know what the weird thing about this was?  It was actually GOOD! 

If it weren't for the horribly uncomfortable restraints, this ride would have actually been the best at the park!

Oh, and BTW, did we mention that Spanish Deja Vu is actually called "Stunt Fall?"  And did we mention we actually rode it
three times?!?!  When was the last time you went to a park and WANTED to ride a Deja Vu more than once?!?!?
Yes, three times!  We should have ridden four, once for each Deja Vu on the planet...but three was plenty!  =)

Ok, now back to the rest of the park.....

....and OMG what is going on here?!?!?

God I love European parks!  (Hey Guy, what do you think of this?)  =)

"I'll give your child $5 if you let them ride the kiddie coaster with me....I need the credit!!!"

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