Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid
(aka Parque Warner Madrid)
Madrid, Spain
Official Web Site:

Our "Quick Visit to Spain, Just For The Hell of it!" Trip 2006

Tom tries his best "Man of steel" impression....of course you need to be a man, and he's certainly not made of steel...

Yummy B&M goodness.

Don't these trains kind of look more like they belong on Patriot?

Ok, who ever said this was a "Scream Clone" is an idiot!  =)

The first drop was really good!  I much prefer the straight drops on the B&M Floorless coasters.

While in may not be a "parking lot" coaster, it's pretty much an "out in the random field" coaster.

"Hi, I'm Elissa...check me out in my sexy B&M restraint.  Don't you want to restrain me too?"

Yay!  Here we go into the Spanish wilderness!

Check out our "Superman: Atracción de Acero" POV Video!
To download this video either click above or if that doesn't load fast enough, right click the image above and select "save target as..."

More tissues needed for Derek.

Zero-G or whatever those B&M fanboys want to call it. =)

"I'll take a bottle of lame sauce with that trim brake please!"

Cobra Roll Part 1.

Cobra Roll Part Two: Revenge of the Electric Boogaloo.

Ready for some airtime?

Whee!  Airtime....well, more like "B&M Airtime" which equals light floater air...maybe....if you're lucky!

Here is some hot corkscrew action.

Some more hot corkscrew action.

Low to the ground, almost touching Spain if you reach hard enough, helix.

Robb is halfway between doing "Man of Steel" and "Black Power!"

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