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So after Speed Monster, our group went and did the next obvious thing.....

Got our credit on the "smallest coaster in the world!"  Teeny Weeny!
Photo submitted by Dan

"Hey baby, wanna ride with me in my California car.  Get it...I'm from California...and I'm in the California car...oh, never mind!"
Photo submitted by DerekRX

"If your sad and pathetic, raise your hands!"  Hmm...everyone but Rich?  Yeah, that makes sense!  =)
(Note: Casey fit!!!  OMG!!!!)
Photo submitted by OldJJMan

Photo submitted by DerekRX

"Teeny Weeny is the kind of ride you could just suck on all day long!"
Photo submitted by OldJJMan

"I only rode 5...that's right 5 times!"
Photo submitted by cfc

This is the last time we ever saw Carl!

"Hey Dan!  Do you know what's coming next?"

"C'mon Dan...Pleeeeeease come ride my ride...you won't get THAT wet.  Trust me...I'm an inanimate sea monster, and we NEVER lie!"
Photo submitted by Dan

Ok, first drop doesn't look so bad.  (wait.  FIRST drop...isn't that the ONLY drop?  Stupid Robb!)

Wow!  You get some SERIOUS hair time on this ride!!!

See Dan, they squeegee the seats so you stay nice and dry!  =)

"You can't see me not because I'm buried in my 'hell no Dan, I'm not getting wet' suit
 but because if I look at people in the face, they will turn to stone."

See, we're not wussies, we can handle a little water!
(Hey, I thought Carl was lost at the volleyball...what happened...OMG...they CLONED CARL!!!!!!"

"I just want you all to know...I hate you...and I hope you die....a horrible death...like having to see Joey naked through all eternity....now wait..
Joe AND Joey naked for all eternity....no wait...Joe and Joey naked AND covered in hot oil AND licking it off each other's chest. 
YES!  That kind of hot death is what I wish on all of you TPR readers!
Ahh!  But Dan, we will GET YOU BACK!  If you want to get him back, EMAIL DAN and tell him what HOT EVIL DEATH you wish on him!

And there they go...down the first...sorry ONLY drop!

Hmm...Max Headroom...not so much!  DUCK!!!!!

And there they go...not too wet so far....


"Hey Dan...Did I mention that inanimate sea monsters are known for lying about how wet you might get on water rides?"
Photo submitted by Dan

Robb's all "I actually didn't go on the ride, but my Depends leaked."
Dan's all "Die.....yeah....picture the Joe and Joey thing...yeah...hot oil...yum yum!!! DIE!!!!!"


Well, at least TusenFryd had "Dan Dryers."  Kind of sucks if your name is Phil.  They didn't have any Phil Dryers.

Dan's all..."NO WAY IN HELL you're getting me on that one!!!

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