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Theme Park Review's "Robb & Elissa's Side Trips" - UK & Europe 2006

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Rodney was most looking forward to our day at Power Park because we told him there would be lots of rodent hotties for him.

And there it is!  GCI Woodie, Boomerang, and a really really BIG Ferris Wheel!

I believe the entrance castles here are bigger than Disneyland's!  :)

The whole place had some nicely themed areas!

At Power Park, you may not bring in any cars, dogs...um...radioactive material, and...um...huh?  Elephants on Skateboards!??!?!

Uh, oh...it was Boomerang time!  "Cobra" was going to strike us bad!

The best part of the Boomerang?  That blow up bouncy truck thing right out front!!!

"Hmm....this version looks a little weird...what could be wrong with it?"


"Oh, dear Robb & company.  Calm Down!  It's our new Vekoma Boomerang trains!  Complete with open fronts and fog machines!"
Oh, how cool.  The look more.....FOG MACHINES?!?!?!?

"Why yes!  Fog Machines! It turns your normal Boomerang into a 24 hour rave party!"


Ooooh!  Look at that!  You know what those are right?  Yes!  Cardboard boxes!!!! 
And Ryan, look!  They even say "Vekoma" on them!!!!  =)

Ok, everyone....here we go!  You're going to ride the Boomerang Fog Machine Cobra Coaster with us!

We're almost at the top!!!


And the five slightly retarded, disco rave boys highly enjoyed the Boomerang Fog Machine Cobra Coaster!

It's so pretty for a Rave Fog Machine Boomerang!

Jose the stereotypical, non-politically correct sombrero wearing Mexican highly recommends the GIANT hot dog,
Hot Cheese Peppers and Mozzarella Sticks!

"You know me....I love skinning my wieners!"

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