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Tatsu Media Day

Valencia, CA
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"Hey Wes....Vault ICEE!  Yum!"  =)

OMGZ!!!  It's "Team Tatsu!"  (but where is Dan?)

Team Tatsu on Tatsu!  This is cooler than Kim Possible.

And now some obligatory photos of Tatsu!

After all, this was media day, so we should have a few good shots of the ride!

Overall, this is one really awesome coaster!  If you were expecting a "forceless" B&M, you will be totally blown away!

This here is the "pretzel loop."  It's one of the most intense moments on any roller coaster.

Right there is the moment in which I still can't remember completely.

There are 4 inversions (loop-de-loops) total and all of them make you go "sweeeeeeet!"

Here is a nice "through the trees" shot for your tree lovin' coaster freak-a-zoids.

More treez.  Freak out!

Seriously, the ride is amazing.  The best flyer to be built so far!

"I saw you lick my donut.  Don't lie!  Don't TOUCH my donut!!!!"

Our "Fly Boys" are impressed with the volume of complimentary snacks at media day.

Revolution is BACK open!  And so are these familiar looks on people's faces!  ;)

"Hey name is Beer!"

"We like Goliath...can we have one at Disney World, please?"

"Beer" likes Goliath also!

Batman says "Only YOU can prevent forest fires."

Ok, this concludes our Tatsu Media Day coverage.  We really want to send a HUGE thank you to the members of this website who attended
the camp out.  That was some serious fun and we hope to do that again soon!  If you have any photos from that night, PLEASE post them
as a Photo Trip Report in the forum.  We can't wait to see your pics!  Thanks again to Six Flags Magic Mountain.  The event was FANTASTIC!

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