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8am rolls around and TPR members are finally crashed out!

But Tatsu still continues to roar!

For the first time in months, Revolution is back open, and it looks real cool when it duels with Tatsu!

The opening ceremony festivities began with a few words from park General Manager Del Holland.

If you want to check out the entire opening ceremony (about 15 minutes) click the link above to watch the video!
If the streaming does not work "right click and save as..." HERE!

Then Six Flags President and CEO, Mark Shapiro talked about upcoming changes in store for Six Flags.

The jumbo-tron screens let us see what was going on in Tatsu's station.

Time to bang the gong, and Tatsu's on!

Here it comes!

BLAM!!!!  Tatsu is officially open!!!

Wow, fireworks, smoke, it's like a war zone!

Now comes the massive amount of confetti.

It kept going for like what seemed the next 20 minutes!

They had Taiko Drum Masters banging away just like at Epcot.

The confetti is STILL going!!!  =)

Six Flags President and CEO, Mark Shapiro; Magic Mountain General Manager, Del Holland;
and a really, really important astronaut type dude!

Click the above link to listen to Theme Park Review interviewing Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro.
He has quite a few interesting things to say that make the future of the company sound VERY bright!
(This is an audio interview only)  If the streaming audio does not work "right click and save as..." HERE!

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