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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Tatsu Media Day

Valencia, CA
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Around 1am people started to doze off.....Fred looks like he's dreaming of Tatsu...

Guy thinks about all the wicked cool things he does to Kim....

...while the rest of us mingle and watch more movies!

Jahan stays warm via the citronella candles.

And then....around 4 am, a BRIGHT light appears on the horizon.  Tatsu has awaken!

Wristbands are handed out and everyone is going crazy!  We finally are let into the park!

Hey check it out!  They left the spray cans out so TPR can get some tagging done!

Somewhere around 5am we were led back to Tatsu to start riding!

Up the stairs we go!  It's dark, cold, but we've got TATSU!

The first morning riders make it back in the station. 

"I'm ready for doggy style position!"

Tatsu looks cool all lit up at night.

Check it out!  Someone put Wes' hobo symbol on this car.  I wonder who could have done that?

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