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Roller Coasters in the Raw HD Volume 4

Roller Coasters in the Raw HD Volume 4

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Our Roller Coasters in the RAW DVD & Blu-Ray series is now available via Amazon. Please place your order here:

Roller Coasters in the RAW HD!

Beautiful roller coaster footage all shot in amazing High Definition and presented on a 1080p Blu-Ray Disc!

This Blu-Ray features more than 33 different coasters all over the world. ALL of the footage was shot in HD. None of it has been "upconverted" in any way. Nothing but amazing looking 1080p HIGH DEF footage!

Includes the following coasters:
1. Outlaw Run
2. Gravity Max
3. Gold Striker
4. Gouderix
5. Superman Mexico
6. Boardwalk Bullet
7. Cascabel
8. Full Throttle
9. Giant Dipper
10. Gatekeeper
11. Fujiyama
12. Elf
13. Goliath (La Ronde)
14. Iron Shark
15. White Lightning
16. Takabisha
17. Iron Rattler
18. Medusa
19. Insane Speed
20. Dragon Mountain
21. Hades 360
22. 10 Inversion Coaster
23. Grizzly
24. Matterhorn
25. G5
26. Freedom Flyer
27. Hell Cat
28. Demon
29. Big Boom
30. Montana Rusa
31. Dodonpa
32. Arkansas Twister
33. Chinese Knock Off SLCs

This Blu-Ray is REGION FREE and should work in all Blu-Ray players all over the world!


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