Stark Raven Mad Trip 2001
Paramount's Kings Island

Derek Ruth is a dude with awesome Lego Hair.

Kevin Teufer doesn't have lego hair, which means he has a chick.

This ride op dude is nice enough to tell people to 'sit in the middle seats of the train'.

Adventure Express is one of the best coasters in the park.

The Racer is ACTUALLY racing.

Here are the new 'non-shoulder restraint' trains for Outer Limits, the ride was actually really awesome!
(ok, for those of you who just woke up from your coaster coma from 4 years ago, YES, Outer Limits
is now AWESOME!  You read that correctly, I'm not least not clinically proven, yet.)

Runaway Reptar is the parks new kiddie inverted.

Now I know why Kevin and Derek were so happy to ride together! 
Those two get more action than anyone on coaster trips!

As far as I'm concerned, this ride doesn't even exist at this park.  =)

Dude, Kevin.  Are you ok?  I mean, it was ONLY the Racer and you didn't even ride with Derek!

After having very little sleep the night before, Elissa  decides to catch up on it!

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