Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Myrtle Beach, SC
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Deep South 2006 Trip!

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Myrtle Beach had TWO dark rides (I say HAD because they will be DESTROYED!!!!  Muahahahahahah!!!!)

This dark ride had some ride ops from Family Kingdom as actors.

Hey!  This guy used to be my roommate when I was a roadie for Leonard Skynard!!!

"'s Elissa!"

The other dark ride was called "Treasure Hunt!"

It's one of them "shoot things and get stuff" kind of rides.

"Grrrr!!!  I'm crazy Robb with a plastic gun!  GIMME SOME CANDY or I'll shoot you with my really deadly laser beam!!!!"

Shoot the targets and get stuff.

Shoot nose picker guy and he gives you a bag of mud.

"GRRR!!! I'm Angry hook guy with 4 fingers for a hand!"

Are we in Voyage's queue???

"I only scored 4 points and a lifetime supply of Elmer's glue."

"This is my rifle, this is my gun....."

"Scrambler...."  "Yes, that is correct, the helixes with Scramble your brain!"

"I'm a hammerhead shark.  I make no sound.  My skeleton is made of cartilage."

See, it looks so innocent, so good....

But OMG.  I feel so sorry for all of you!

No park would be complete with guessed it!  BENCH: THE RIDE!!!!

"When I'm not riding American Eagle, I love to ride a huge cock!"

"I'm not so much into cock, but today this one will do."

"Hey you two!  Get off my cocks!!!!"

And just in case you were wondering...yes, the attic is closed.

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