Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Myrtle Beach, SC
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Deep South 2006 Trip!

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This is the entrance to the Pavilion.  How do we know this?  It FREAKING SAYS PAVILION ON IT!!!!!

Why is this Mouse so mad?

Must be all those banked turns!  =)

No banked turns here!

Just some wicked airtime.

I wish all my mice had banked turns...and...oh, BTW, I really REALLY like the American Eagle!

There are no people in the car because they were eaten by crazed aardvarks.

It was "biker week" at Myrtle Beach.

Another section of the park.  Here you see the "AMAZING FOUNTAIN!"  It was very impressive.  It made me jealous.

More rides that will go KA-BOOM at the end of the year.

The people in the front seat aren't very smart.

From the lift hill of Hurricane you can get a nice view of BEAUTIFUL downtown Myrtle Beach!

The hills were very nice and filled with airtime that made my tummy very happy.

The helixes were filled with evil roughness that made my chiropractor slightly richer.

Joe was suckered into riding.  "Hey Joe, if you ride the coaster I'll buy you a seat cushion from the American Eagle!"

Don't hit your head on this steel beam.  That would be bad.

Pretty soon this view will be GONE!  DEMOLISHED!  BLOWED UP REAL GOOD!  Do we mind?  No!  A nice strip mall wouldn't hurt as much!  =)

Chairswings.  Because it's not a hatchet wielding dolphin.

Spinny ride full of missing persons.

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