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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Sky Tower Re-Opening Day - May 13th, 2006
Oh, yeah...and it's Tatsu's Opening Day...too!  =)

Valencia, CA
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We all know about Tatsu.  We've been following the construction updates for months now.  Media day was just a couple days ago and it was
AWESOME!  Today was the rides first day of "public" operation, but something else quite important also happened today.
Sky Tower opened for the first time in about six years!  This tower has been a landmark attraction since the park opened in 1971 and have been
closed to the public since sometime in 2000.  It now sports a brand new paint job and it once again letting people view the park from 400 feet up!

In case you have just tuned in, we are discussing Tatsu and Sky Tower, both open for the time...EVER!

See Tatsu down there?  You couldn't get this shot before, so therefore it's an "Exclusive, never before seen SIGNATURE shot!"
(unless you work at the park, and if so, could you get me a lemon slushie please?)

We've seen Tatsu from 400 feet up, but what about the rest of the park?

Deja Vu and Psyclone.  Just hanging out having a little rest.

Looks like Superman ran into a little bit of trouble.

Wow!  I forgot that photos of X from this angle have not been possible until today!

Check it out!  Photo snapped MID-FLIP!!!!  Ooooooh!

Raven turn used to be the most XTREME moment in the park....Now hello pretzel loop!

Colossus and Goliath.  Hey guys!  How's it going?

Flashback.  Just wants a little love.  Heck, would even settle for a lemon slushie!
(woah - note the line for season pass processing!)

Jahan is down there somewhere....

"...I think I can see my dad."

Nice view of Hurricane Harbor.

Now the big question is...what's going on with that HUGE plot of land over there?

Ok, ok...we'll get back to Tatsu for you!

Time to head back down the tower.

Here we go!  Thank you for re-opening Sky Tower.  I had a really swell visit!

I would not like to climb all those stairs!

Going down!!!  (I like this part)

"Hey Theme Park the Sky Tower crew!"  What's up guys?

This was some important engineering like stuff that I thought you'd all apprecite.

And there it is, both rides operating together!  More Tatsu photos coming up  on the next page so stay tuned!

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