Knoebel's Amusement Park
Elysburg, PA
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Knoebel's Phall Phunfest 2001 Photo Update!

Elissa, on her first brass ring carousel!  Can she grab the rings?

You bet she can!  She's one talented kitty!  =)

Hey look!  Robb has finally made it out of the C+ listers and is officially on the A list!

We found the Mad Mouse and the Crazy Mouse, but where's the Wild Mouse?

Sister Mary Hamburger has some hidden sacred desires for this divine evening.

First he gets Robb!

Then he conquers Elissa!

But this guy is probably more his style!

Now that's what I call an evasive maneuver!

Dance Dance Revolution has become an important part of Robb & Elissa's park vists!

Knoebel's gets some extra added points for the 3rd Mix machine!

Wow!  We had no idea that Knoebel's was harboring Bin Laden!

Robb might look happy here, but that's because he hasn't ridden the 'new' Flyers yet!

The imposter Vekoma engineers are easy to spot, because the real ones don't know how to
tie a tie or have ever seen a clipboard with coaster diagrams on them!

Dude!  There's more than corn at Knoebel's!

Sam and Bob did WAY too much LSD in the 60s!

Hey look!  Elissa didn't throw up on the scary flat ride!

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