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Halloween Horror Nights 2009

"Look! It's a drink! And it glows! Ain't that cool?"

Hey Doug! Thanks for helping keep us safe in Amity!

The Spawning - very bizarre!

Cirque Du Freak was one of the many scare zones this year...

Yeah, there were some pretty freakish monsters hanging around in here...

I can't decide if I'm turned on or freaked out...

OMG! There was nothing more freakish than these two deformed creatures!

Rat lady...she's HOT!

"Hey Ladies, I'm Jon...and when I'm done with you two I've got a special place to take both of you..."

"...that's right, I'm gonna chop you up and put you in these two coffins. Because I'm just that weird!"

Yay! More VIP awesomeness at the Bill & Ted Show!

Hey look! We got our own private Bill & Ted show!

Well not really, Joey Fatone was there too.

This will be the last photo you see of Bill & Ted, because if you take a picture, they put you in that "leg sawing off thing" you saw in the Frankenstein maze.

We made a pitstop at Simpsons...

More mazes...

...more rides...

...more chainsaws!

Another AWESOME Halloween Horror Nights!!!

Again, we want to send a special THANK YOU to Universal Orlando's PR team, Michael Roddy, Mark Patterson and the creative team who make Halloween Horror Nights the BEST Halloween event in the world!!!

And thank you to Hanno, Chuck, Emily, Brad, Jon, and everyone else who contributed photos for this update!

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