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Allure of the Seas - Feb 2011

Did we mention how much we loved the zip line?


Looks like it's going to be another dinner service where KidTums drinks her Sprite with a spoon!

When you reach a certain "status level" with RCCL, they have a free alcohol reception for you every night. And free beer is awesome! Even if it's Amstel! =)

Vintages is the wine bar that used to be on the Promenade section - it's now in Central Park along with the other more "upscale" dining options.

Central Park really is my favorite new section. It's like walking around an upscale resort hotel, like in Vegas or one of the really nice Disney resorts like Yacht Club. It's just really nice, awesome, quiet, fantastic!

Giovanni's is the upcharge Italian restaurant. To be honest, it's hard for me to justify spending the money to eat at one of these places for dinner with the including dining room is SOOOO GOOD! But we're planning on having lunch at a couple of these places.

Looking down on the Promenade from Central Park!

It really is awesome!

The "Rising Tide" bar is my new favorite bar of any ship! Kind of like those "rotating restaurants" that move, this one slowly rises from the Promenade level, three floors up to Central Park!

It takes about 10 minutes to go from one level to the next. In fact, I'm sitting in this bar, having a beer, while I'm writing this report! =)

Here it is, all the way at the top! You can enter the bar on either the Promenade or the Central Park level.

This is the most "upscale" restaurant on the ship.

They have two different menus to entice you to come back for more!

And menu #2.

This is "Dazzles" - yet another nightclub on the ship. Someone asked "is the ship crowded?" and it's because there are so many places to be on the ship, that it really helps spread out the crowd.

Hooray! Little light-up menus on the tables in the dark bars! This should make Reed happy. =)

And the most awesome thing about the Allure? You can go from upscale to "fun" in a matter of a few footsteps!

The Boardwalk just has all these awesome little touches. Seriously it's themed nicer to a "boardwalk" than most real amusement parks are!

"I can ride this all day/night long!"

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