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Olensteenweg 45 - 2460 Lichtaart - Belgium
+32 (0) 14 55 78 11
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TPR's 2008 European Tour

TPR gathering at this awesome park in Belgium!

Bobbejaanland is home to Typhoon. One of them Gerstlauer well beyond vertical drop gadgets.

Yup, that is "Ooooh Sh1111111t" going through their head.

Eight people? Check. Looks like everyone survived during ERT.

Funky inversions make me happy.

They have a Huss Fly Away or better known as the "George Forman Grill" ride. Even more ERT for TPR.

"We have just been violated!!!" =)

Hey look! Lou has a cute little butt penis!

The expression says it all.

ERT continues on the giant Frisbee.

That's three rides in on ERT so far...

Hey TPR, want more ERT? How about a few rides on Dream Catcher!

Nice Vekoma suspended. (Yes I said nice!)

Um, please, PLEASE turn off that wall of water!

ERT continues for ride #5 - Oki Doki!

And for more ERT fun the park also gave us Indiana River, the indoor log flume....

"You talkin' to me punk?"

Group takeover on Revolution....err...I mean "Evolution" (The R is crossed out)

Full train of TPR members.

It's hard to tell from these pictures but we filled up a WHOLE train...and that's like 50 people!

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