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Grona Lund
Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 08-587 501 00
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TPR's 2014 Scandi Tour

Jetline is Grona Lund's classic Schwarzkopf coaster and this ride, even for being decades old, still packs and AMAZING punch!

And yes, Jetline is in the middle of the mess of track they call Twister!

Lots of smiles on Jetline. It really is just a GREAT ride!


Yup, TPR loves Jetline!

They also have one of these stand-up Intamin drop towers at Grona Lund!

Watch your balls, guys!


Kvasten is a custom Vekoma Suspended coaster made for Grona Lund. It's the same layout that was also later used for Fun Spot in Orlando, but this one has a lot more theming on it!

And yes, it also is intertwined with the other coasters in the park!

"Hey Rick, what do you think about going to Zimbabwe to pick up a few Wacky Worm credits?" "Oh, I have them already. I'm thinking about mopping up North Korea or Haitian coast." (Actual conversation)

The fun house at Grona Lund sets a standard for all fun houses around the world! It's amazing!

It's got wacky crazy spinning rooms!

Things that move and spin you in unnatural directions!

Classic funny mirrors.

Yes, the fun house has the spinning barrel of death!

And the slide! OMG! The slide!!!!

The slide is crazy fun! You go so fast down this thing!

And yes, KidTums LOVED it!!!

There were a few wardrobe casualties in the fun house this year! ;)

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