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Hamanako Pal Pal
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Japan
053-487-2121 Local
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Photos from "TPR Japan Trip 2007"

Arriving at Pal Pal one of the first things you see is something that looks just like something else that REALLY hurt...a LOT! Photo by Chuck "cfc"

And there goes the TPR crew to brave "Mega Coaster."

So while it has this element from Manhattan Express....

...and this element from Great Adventure's Viper...both which HURT quite a bit...

For some reason Mega Coaster was actually pretty good! There were a few rough spots, but overall this was a totally fun ride! It's like both bad parts from the other coasters clash together and create a decent ride! Weird.

I don't know what this sign means. "Beware of speeding embryos?" No idea.

Dan versus the clowned themed BatFlyer. Clown scores 1 point.

A look of orgasm or pain. You figure it out!

Aerial skyway photo...CHECK!

Photo of scary Togo flat ride with Swedish guy riding...CHECK!

One by one they steal Jahan's sanity....

I'll hold 'em down....you take 'em out O.J. style.

"Yo man...me and my eskimo homies we just be chillin' in the igloo..."

The closest thing you're gonna get to Mr. Toad's in this place.

You guys know you're about to get totally screwed right? Photo by Chuck cfc

Yeah, I think they figured it out! =) Photo by Chuck cfc

"I'm flying....just like Mary Poppins!!!" Photo by Chris F.

Falafel versus the Gay Pride staircase! Falafel WINS!!! Photo by Falafel

"I just got raped by a mouse!" Photo by Chris F.

Have you been wondering where Elissa has been this whole time? She's in the Pal Pal arcade (one of the coolest theme park arcades anywhere, BTW) and she's found this awesome "Super Mario Bros. 3" coin machine...

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