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Central Park
1436-1 Kamitani Toyofu-cho, Himeji, Hyogo Japan
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Photos from TPR Japan 2007 Trip

The Parks of TPR's Japan 2007 Tour
Aqua Stadium
     Yomiuriland     Space World     Uminonakamichi Seaside Park      Harmonyland     Wonder Rakutenchi
Kijima     Mitsui Greenland     Himeji Central Park     Kurashiki Tivoli Park     Universal Studios Japan
Parque Espana     Nagashima Spaland    Nagoya Zoo    Lagunasia      Hamanako Pal Pal      Joypolis      Muscle Park
LaQua      Sea Paradise      Cosmoworld       Fuji-Q Highland       Tokyo Disneyland

There is a typhoon heading our way. Meh. Been there done that. We can manage...

Wow...that is a REALLY empty train station which means we are up way too early!

During our server down time we have changed the site name to "Them Park Review."

We are cruisin' Central Park's East Sieeed. Photo by Bob Hoffman

We started our day off with ERT on Hurricane. Jeff is counting this as 4 credits.

The first drop and the loop were REALLY good!

Then it was somewhere in the corkscrew section you got that really good Donkey Punch! Photo by Bob Hoffman

This is the happy face BEFORE the Donkey Punch.

And here in the middle of nowhere...is a BATMAN CLONE!!! Photo by Chuck "cfc"

You guys need Batman capes!

Yay for Japanese Zero-G rolls! Photo by Jew

Mark, are you trying to do the Japanese peace sign or insult some Brits?!?!

Yeah, it's a first drop. Um....yeah.

Batman filming session! Photo by Mark Cross

Another day...another Japanese frozen coke!

Oh, Joey, this FreeFall has you written all over it!

"Yup, it beat the crap out of me....but I LOVED it!"

Any ride where they give you a shotgun is cool with us! Photo by Jew

Peter with a shotgun scares me!!! Photo by Chuck cfc

Is it me or does Chris and the Wacky Worm have the EXACT same facial expression? Creepy!

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