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Treffentrill 1 Cleebronn, Baden Wuerttemberg 74389 Germany
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TPR's 2008 European Tour

Today the role of Ride Operated will be played by yours truly! Be nice or you don't get to ride. Be REALLY nice and you get DOULBE rides!

G'sengte Sau is filled with awesome airtime and fun. And if you can pronounce the name of the coaster you get fifty bucks from Dan!

The first drop sends you straight to HELL!!!!

Guys...you're only on the LIFT HILL!!!! Stop freaking out!

Tripsdrill is so beautifully landscaped you almost don't even notice the coaster.

Flowers and airtime. What a joyous combination!

"Robb as a thank you for not killing any riders, we present you with this official Tripsdrill bank made out of an old coaster wheel!" (BTW, you can buy the coaster wheel clocks and banks at the ride's station...we highly reccomend them!)

Oh, yes! There is a new ride here too...Mammut! This is the first woodie built by pre-fab manufacturer "Ingenieur-Holzbau Cordes" (same guys that built the track for all of Intamin's pre-fab woodies)

Mammut was an "interesting" ride. Clearly you can see that everyone in the picture is having fun, but at the same time the ride was kind of a let down for some of us. It's a pre-fab woodie like Colossos at Heide Park, and looks a lot like Troy at Toverland. But it rides far more like a "family" coaster with very little airtime or forces throughout the ride. It's VERY smooth, which is awesome, but I think for the size of the ride we all expected something a little more thrilling.

A little bit of lift hill porn for you!

Lots of happy faces.

NERD Shot!!!


Would you like a little first drop with that sandwich?

As a ride for the park it's perfect, but for coaster enthusaists, the expressions say a lot.

Although we are all giddy like schoolgirls while riding!

It's twisty, curvy, and smooooooth...just like Elissa!

What could be in that tunnel??? Snakes? Trolls? JOEY?!?!?

Thank you Norman for helping make some of our favorite rides!

For those of you who remember our updates from last year you may remember the drop tower. If you not then...

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