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Sega Joypolis
1-6-1 Daiba Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan
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Theme Park Review's 2007 Japan Trip

I'm not sure where this was taken (I think in the train), but for some reason it makes me both horny and creeped out both at the same time. Photo by Falafel

In Tokyo Teleport is one of the coolest buildings you'll ever see. It's the Fuji TV building. Lots of Iron Chef was watched in here.

Joypolis is one of many places in this complex. Every time we come here we find someplace more and more messed up to visit.

Heading up the stairs to Joypolis. There is something "Disney" here...anyone know what it is?

God I wish we could have these same rules apply to TPR! =)

So a few years ago this coaster was called "Speed Boarder" and the trains would "turn". Now it's called "Spin Bullet" and the cars now "spin" instead of "turn.'" It doesn't matter it still sucks!

Yeah, see what I mean?

Be all that you can be! =)

This is a male bonding moment complete with crepes.

I just came buckets.

So the Half-Pipe thing is not only just a ride...but it's a GAME!!!

You get points for each time to spin the board!

Medal Zone - I'll bet Dave spent a lot of time in here. Oh, wait...nevermind....that would be "Metal Zone..."

Ok, story time...hang on...we'll wait until you're done laughing at that picture of Joey. Ok, done now? good! So we had NO IDEA what the hell "Muscle Park" was. And like a lot of Japanese buildings, there are several attractions, restaurants, shopws, etc all inside on different floors. The only way you really know they exisit is if someone tells you about them, you can read the Japanese sign out front., or if there is an English sign. So we saw "Muscle Park" and we figured "What the hell? Let's go check it out!"

We quickly realized that Muscle Park is kind of what it sounded like. It's a small amusement park based on working out!!! Seriously!!!

And of course after you're done "working out" you can eat a "Monster Burger!" Photo by Dan

So we looked at the map of the park, and we decided we would try the "Muscle Park Obstacle Course!" Photo by Dan

First up was Ryan. Obviously his Fresnonian physique is being challenged! Photo by Dan

Ryan...about 2 seconds before he totally eats shit. Photo by Dan

Not only did Elissa get farther than the Frenonian time traveler, she also was funnier looking too! =) Photo by Dan

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