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Intimidator 305 Media Day - April 2nd, 2010

Here is Theme Park Review's official 'Intimidator Media Day Coverage!'

Pat Jones, KD's vice-president and general manager: “The numbers speak for themselves. At a cost of $25 million, and with a first drop close to the height of the park’s landmark Eiffel Tower, you’ll have to see this coaster to believe it. . . . The ride experience is as intense as it is exhilarating.” With speeds reaching 94 mph, Intimidator 305 is the fastest gravity driven coaster in North America, according to KD.

There are three Earnhardts in this photo--and one of them is dad.

Lt. Governor Bolling promised that he would make his wife ride at the announcement ceremony last year, but she was nowhere in sight. I don't know if her rode it or not. This could be a major political issue! ;)

OK, here come the real VIPs.

Crank up the country and southern rock, and let's get a'ridin'.

It pays to know the right people at any park you visit.

Q: What would make this picture better? The answer in a moment.

Q: What would make this picture better? A: Happy, smiling riders! This is what Dale Earnhardt would've drove if he raced stretch limos.

Here's what you're getting yourself into. Intimidated yet?

Here's a sight that KD should see pretty often this season--a busy queue. (The I-305 crew was great during media day. Excellent work!)

Look--NASCAR "stickerness," or something.

OK, get your butts in the seats, strap yourselves in, and hold on tight!

Step right up folks! Hoop Robb Alvey and win yerself a seegar!

"GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!" I'm sure the crew will never get tired of hearing this.

Sheesh! That lift is faster than a ferret on speed!

Let us pause a moment for a deep, cleansing breath. Thank you.

Almost there!

"I'm travelin' down the road, and I'm flirtin' with disaster!" (Matt will be humming this while he rides.)

"Brain to body! Brain to body! May day! You're on your own! Over!"

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