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Tokyo DisneySea
1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-8511 Japan
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The Ultimate TPR Tokyo DisneySea Update

"I'm pretty sure he's still on the Beaner Boat Ride at Epcot!"

So we've gone from mexicans to camels...big deal!

Often kind of missed is the double-decker Carousel in the Arabian Coast area!

As far as Carousels go, it's actually quite spectacular! And you can ride a camel!

KidTums approves of this!

And yes, be smart with how you work your way around the park with Fast Pass tickets! Always have a new fast pass ticket in hand when getting in line for a ride! Remember, you can usually get a new one ever couple of hours, OR when it's your time to ride your next attraction!

See, it tells you at the bottom when you can get your next Fast Pass! Pay attention to this. It's vital information!

Vulcania is the Chinese place over by Journey...

...and if you like Chinese food, it's actually really, really good!

Brad finally conquered all 56 different endings of Storm Rider!

Storm Rider is probably the "worst" attraction at Tokyo DisneySea. It's like a 'giant Star Tours' simulator, and sure, it has a few cool tricks up it's sleeve, but at the end of the day, it's a simulator. It's probably the ONLY attraction at this park that is a "ride it once..."

The ending where you get shot in the face is the BEST!!! Have a look at the video of this attraction and you'll kind of see what I mean....

Oooh! More new hotness on the way!

And it was even testing while we were there! Seriously, it seems like this park is always adding new stuff! It went from Raging Spirits, to Tower, to Turtle Talk to this, and now Toy Story Mania! The park just keeps expanding, and that's really awesome!

The Magic Lamp Theater was something I'd never done before. It was a cute 4-D/live action film. Honestly, it was kind of fun! Very different than 4-D movies at the other Disney parks.

And they give you these cool little translators as well!

The Pork Gyoza, or what I call the "floppy gyoza" is one of the most popular food items at DisneySea. You'll see the longest line for this food item than anything else that is served at the park.

They kind of look "ribbed for her pleasure", but they are really awesome, and always served OMG BLAZING HOT!!!

Caption contest winner! "Gene Simmons ain't got nothing on me!"

Caption contest winner! "I'm gonna ask E-harmony for my money back!"

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