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TPR's 2008 European Tour

"Hi welcome to Sigmund Freud: The Ride...Please keep all your hands and Oedipus complex inside the vehicle at all times..."

Be prepared to go up and down that long tall shaft!

Next up was "River Quest" the parks "I really look like a rapids ride, but really I'm just a flume with round boats" attraction. I gotta be honest, I had been told how FREAKING AMAZING the ride is...OMFG GOD ROBB YOU HAVE TO GO ON RIVER QUEST IT'S BETTER THAN SEX WITH *TWO* no *THREE* HIGH CLASS VEGAS HOOKERS...AND NOT THE KIND THAT THE PORN SLAPPERS GET FOR YOU OUT FRONT OF EXCLAIBUR WE'RE TALKING THE *REAL* HIGH CLASS VEGAS HOOKERS LIKE YOU SEE ON THAT HBO REAL SEX SHOW....

Well, maybe it was overhyped, I dunno, because the ride was fun, I just didn't "get it." First off, it has one of these whirlpool things, which you can find on several other rapids rides. Fun yes, but unique, no.

Wheee!!! Here we go down the drop!

Wheee!!! Here we go down another drop!

The best part of the ride IMO was the vertical lift the boats go on to get to the top (inside that tower.) The rest of the ride was "ok" as a flume ride, terrible as a rapids ride since it actually had NO RAPIDS AT ALL!!!!

But the end result is that you could get VERY wet!!!

"I'm gonna nail these unsuspecting Mo-Fo's with my giant cannon!"

"Screw you guys and your River Quest...it's all about the log flume!" (ps ELZ, you also owe Hot Fuzz Rich $50 for using his copywrited signature move)

"HURRRR...I gots TWO baggies of Chrruos...HUUURRRRR!"


It's time for a feast.

"I'm having two dinners. One for me and one for my invisible super hero love slave."

"Me and my Patrick head tumor are going to have....GERMAN CHILI!!!!"

"I'm just going to eat this little troll guy...he sure looks yummy!"

"Is it ok if I eat the panda? I know it looks big but I can probably take home what I don't finish..."

"We are going to eat ROBB!!!!"

Oh, yeah, did we forget Talocan? The most awesome Top Spin in the world!!!

"You may get wet!"

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