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Six Flags Over Georgia
7561 Six Flags Pky Sw Austell, GA 30168
(770) 948-9290
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Theme Park Review's 2009 Deep South Trip

Six Flags Over Georgia – the final day of the Deep South Trip, and a perfect way to end our trip!

Let’s start the day on Acrophobia – a ride that will challenge your manhood!

Ok, guys, rumor has it that Acrophobia has a very different effect on men than women. Are you ready to test this theory?

On the left – well, that doesn’t appear to be a satisfied face! On the right – pleasure, bliss, and “gimme a cigarette!” =)

“We don’t care what this ride does to our manhood…we LOVE it!!!”

Next up for ERT – a flaming coaster!

Look like fun? Sure it is! Want some POV? Sure you do! How about in *HIGH DEF* Here ya go:

Georgia Scorcher in SCORCHING HD!!!!

What’s this? More ERT? No lines? Gotta love it!

This is why TPR trips are AWESOME!!!

Did we tell you guys about the mayonnaise hoses on the lift hill?

If the only two people on a coaster are twins is it considered a solo ride?

Hello Flash Pass! You make our awesome day even awesome! Or give it more awesomeness… or something like that.

Hey guys! Check out my Monster Mansion T-Shirt! (Hey, hey you! STOP LOOKING AT THE RACK...LOOK AT THE SHIRT!!!!)

That’s right…Monster Plantation has been re-made into Monster Mansion. But don’t you worry, this is such an awesome makeover that even Ty Pennington is jealous of it! Everything you loved about the original ride is still here and lots of extras have been added.

Thankfully, humans are still allowed.

All your favorite characters still live in the Mansion.

and these guys really know how to party!
Want to see some video of the ride? Of course you do!

Everyone say thank you to Erik Johnson for the video!

Mmm...lots of Monster Merch! Go buy some!

Six Flags Over Georgia was kind enough to take us on a backstage tour which covered most of the park!

We saw lots of plants in their landscaping department.

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