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Wonder Rakutenchi
Beppu, Oita 874-0820 Japan
0977-22-1301 Local
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Theme Park Review returns to Asia - December 2005

Wonder Rakutenchi - We had one of those "is the park closed.....like as in FOR GOOD????" moments approaching this park!

Woah, no privacy here if you gotta take a "wicked yes!"

"Hey everyone! It's just like the Orient Express....except open...andsteeper...and NOT a Magic Mountain!"

This looks very familiar!

The park has a bizarre collection of "Stuff." Here you can see the "OMFG GET ME THE HELL OFF THIS THING" suspension bridge, the "I think I can....I think I can" roller coaster, and the "Don't even need to touch the steering wheel" go kart things!

"Duck Races." Yes....I'll say it again..."Duck Races!" One more time? Sure..... "Duck Races!!!"

"You know we're not in America when NOTHING is stopping me from falling back down the hill!"

Yay! A credit. A strange nearly falling apart old one, but a credit still!

Check out that awesome view from the top of the lit!

Oddly enough this coaster wasn't that bad. It was certainly bigger than I thought it would be! *that's what she said!*

The suspension bridge..... Elissa: "There is no way in hell you're getting me on that!" Robb: "What if I tell you I'll leave you alone the rest of the day." Elissa: "Gimmie the 100 yen right now!"

It's the attack of the 4 minute lift hill!

"Hey kids! Grab your shotgun and blow the CRAP out of all those animals!"

Here's a man in the silly hat going "Look.....no hands!'

They just drive on their own thanks to that thin line in the middle of the road.

Mark: "What is this samurai summit looking thing?"

"I'm not sure, but why don't you ask that severed torso over there?"

The severed head told us there's a plate of money over there!

Back down the hill we go and it's off to Hello Kitty land!

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