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Heide Park
Soltau GmbH Heidenhof 29614 Soltau Gremany
+49 1805 91 91 01
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Europe 2016 - Robb & Elissa Traveling Around Riding Stuff!

I'm going to rant for a little bit here...I wish I could report that we had an awesome day at this park as we have during several visit in the past. But it was really just "ok" today. The park most certainly seems to be shifting from a really nice family-oriented park to becoming the "Thorpe Park of Germany." First of all, the lack of use of their virtual queue system or any of the single rider lines saying their reasoning was "it's not a busy day" when lines for the major attractions were between 30-90 minutes all day today was just very annoying. Why would you NOT run your upcharge virtual queue system??? It makes the park money!!!The ops were also not amazing. We saw quite a bit of line jumping than in the past. And overall, it was just a day that wasn't without frustration. The park still looks really nice and they have a decent selection of rides, but it really *felt* like a very different park, and I'm not sure I like this new direction. Anyway, onto some photos...

So today we visited @HeideParkResort. Beautifully landscaped park with some decent coasters.

Rode Krake @HeideParkResort during hotel ERT and it's awesome! Yes it's short but it's a really good Dive Coaster!

Love the theming on Krake! The water splash & airtime are great too!

I'm all for rides where you get eaten by a sea monster! lol Love this theming!

The wait time for Colossos @HeideParkResort is up to 60 minutes. Express & single rider lines closed. WHY???!

Virtual queue @HeideParkResort was closed due to "low crowds" but major rides were 30-90 min. Park was packed.

Colossos was a bit bumpier but still a great ride! Wish we didn't have to wait 60 min though.

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