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Hansa Park
Am Fahrenkrog 1, 23730 Sierksdorf, Germany
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Europe 2016 - Robb & Elissa Traveling Around Riding Stuff!

I admit that I am a jaded "coaster fan" and it's rare that I get excited by new rides or find something that blows me away. K√rnan at Hansa Park did just that. It's so strange and messed up that I don't even know how to describe the ride. The park calls it a "hyper coaster" but that just makes you think of dull personality-less cookie-cutter B&M hypers but this is so much more. The ride is so screwed up and totally original! I can honestly say I've never been on anything like it before.It's sort of a cross between a hyper coaster, Euro-Fighter, Drop Tower, with airtime and insane crazy forces all over the place that I can't even begin to describe. It *feels* more like some crazy-mental ride that RMC or Intamin would come up with while drunk and angry at someone.Not to mention the amazing theming and the "Russian Roulette" room where you don't actually know what row you're going to be assigned to until your row lights up and the door pops open. WTF???? So weird but so much fun!This seriously is going to be the best coaster of the trip and quite possibly the best new ride I've ridden in a long time.

Today we are at Hansa Park! Spending all day at one of our favorite German parks!

So we just rode Karnan OMG what the hell just happened??? What an AMAZING ride!!!

The airtime on Karnan is just bananas! You're out of your seat everywhere!

I am not going to give away what happens in Karnan's tower but it will really mess with your head!

The spinning swinging bell ride with fire & water is a pretty messed up ride! In a good way!

We got some delicious freshly made crepes at Hansa Park! (Although Sarah was denied the eggnog crepe!) lol

We took some... Umm... Very "interesting" onride photos today! lol(We also rode with a TPR fan that spotted us at Novrogod!)

Our BBQ lunch was seriously one of the most fun meals we've ever had at a park!

Have I mentioned just how nuts Karnan is? Incredible!

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