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Kentucky Kingdom
937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY 40209
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Lightning Run
Twisted Twins
Roller Skater
Storm Chaser
Thunder Run

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USA 2016 - Robb & Elissa Traveling Around Riding Stuff

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June 18th, 2016 by themeparkjunkie51290
June 5th, 2014 by Chadster
May 27th, 2014 by mudvayneimn

Ed Hart has resurrected Kentucky Kingdom in a big way, starting with having Chance Rides build Lightning Run, their first Hyper GT-X coaster and then having RMC transform the skeleton of Twisted Twins into Storm Chaser. This only now makes Kentucky Kingdom a must visit for any thrill seeker in the area. On top to top T3 has been made more comfortable and Thunder Run is still a solid wooden coaster.

The park is still scaling up in the flat ride area but must rides include the Enterprise, Flyers, Drop Tower, Cyclos, Breakdance and a StarFlyer.
There are a limited number of places to eat but variety is consistent with a park of this size: burgers, dogs, pizza, chicken, BBQ (Junior's BBQ), Mexican (Taco Tequila in Hurricane Bay). Louie's Fresh Market provides some healthier alternatives
Operating Season
The parks season run from Memorial Day to early August, followed by weekends in September. During the 10 days in August the park is taken over by the Kentucky State Fair with different pricing. If visiting in August consult the park's website for specifics
Established Seasonal Events
The Kentucky State Fair occurs over 10 days in August
Access & Location
Kentucky Kingdom is on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center, in the heart of Louisville at the intersection of I-65 and I-264. Follow the highway signs to the Kentucky Expo Center/Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay. Only a 5 minute cab ride from the airport

937 Phillips Lane Louisville, KY 40209
Nearby Lodging
The park lists nearby hotel partners on their website https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/experience/where-to-stay/
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Not available
Lightning Run Roller Coaster POV

Park Maps
2014 Park Map