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Olensteenweg 45 - 2460 Lichtaart - Belgium
+32 (0) 14 55 78 11
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The park has offerings including burgers, fish and chips, mexican, and italian. But the best ptions are the local favorite liked grill wursts and fries.
Operating Season
The park is open from March through November. The park is open every day from May to August. Consult the park website for the schedule outside of those months.
Established Seasonal events
The park holds a Halloween celebration for a few weekends in late October.
Access & Location
From Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Hasselt:
Take exit 20 on the E313 'Herentals-West. At the exit you'll drive right N13 (Herentalsesteenweg) You will then take the Ronglaan around Herentals. You follow the ring to an oval roundabout. You can take the first exit and drive the N123 (Lichtaartseweg) in. You stay on this road and after about 5 km you drive right into the Olensteenweg. Approximately 1 km further on your left, is Bobbejaanland.

The park can be reached via the 305 Bus from Leuven or Turnhout.

If arriving by rail you need to take the 305 Bus from the Herentals Station.
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The parks big show is Harmony, a cirque inspired acrobatic review.
Bobbejaanland Video by Dark Vampire
Bobbejaanland Video by melvinrijk
Oki Doki POV by touchef12
Typhoon POV by touchef12
Wild Water Slide by touchef12

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